sliver landscape (making day)

plan for making day: for making day i plan to revisit the framing of the landscape using the rectilinear frame but this time really trying to stretch it horizontally as much as i can. i have head my stuck in my contextual study these last few days and discussing how the horizontality of the rectilinear... Continue Reading →

where am i so far (for group crit)

developing work: i am continuing to develop work related to landscape and the lens in 3 areas - video projection,  print, video projection with print. i intend to continue to develop these 3 areas until march when i will further select for exhibition. at the moment i have been concentrating on video & print and video... Continue Reading →

landscape & voicescape

voice: i have been thinking about experimenting with some soundscapes and vocal narratives in my video pieces, something integrated into and layering on the visuals. i want to see how the voice responds to the framing of the landscape in some way - either as sound or narrative. for the moment this is occurring in... Continue Reading →

manipulating the image as challenge

manipulation as a form of challenge: over the past week, i have continued to look into 'making versus taking' in photography  from a gendered perspective. in 'A History of Women Photographers' (2010) which i got my hands on recently, Rosenblum discusses the manipulation of image in women's photography, particularly in the 80s and 90s. adding... Continue Reading →

questioning the frame

the physical frame: running through my exploratory making, i am also doing some exploratory reading. i came across a thesis discussing the form and function of the physical frame in contemporary art (Geraghty, 2008). while this thesis does not discuss its relation to gender, it does set out interesting theory, history and art practices related... Continue Reading →

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